The Snow Fence: a novel

It Already Is.

Seth Gowan is a young man with Asperger's syndrome who endures a dozen years of heartache that might consume anyone else.  To most, it would seem that Seth is just a wise, wealthy observer in the enormous home he has opened up to others. But Seth has a gift, an inspiring relationship with God, the company of friends, and a fence he's completing one painstaking section at a time. As his dog Willow can attest - that is all a man really needs.


The Snow Fence is a story of God's sovereignty. It reminds us that every event, every acquaintance, every tragedy, every joy, works to the ultimate glory of God. We know that when one sinner turns to Christ, all of Heaven rejoices; and one soul is worth every sacrifice on earth.

Reviews for The Snow Fence

I love this story...

This book has just about everything -- mystery, romance, tragedy, surprise twists and turns and a happy ending. Couldn't put it down.

...I look forward to seeing more from Ms. McKamie.