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Content Advisory

The content in my books will always be presented with God's glory in mind. I am committed to always present the gospel and to ensure that all content is presented for a purpose. I am also committed to authenticity and to meeting tough issues head-on, just as we do as we live our lives on earth. As we know, it will often take some darkness to see the value of the light. Here, I have provided a brief guide to advise you of any content or triggers in my books. For my rationale behind this, see this blog.



SA = Rape/Sexual Assault

SC = Sexual Content (never explicit)

DC = Miscarriage/Abortion/Death of a Child

D = Death/Peril (non-child)

V = Violence

AA = Substance Use, Abuse, and Addiction

DV = Domestic Abuse (physical, psychological, verbal, sexual)

MI = Mental Illness

DA = Demonic Activity

S = Suicide

SH = Self-harm

If a category is not listed for that book, it is not present in that book at all. If listed, an intensity rating is provided.

This intensity scale cannot be compared with others that use age-appropriateness as a guide. For instance: please resist the urge to equate a red advisory with an "R" or "MA" rating. While I write themes that are intended for adults, even the most intense writings and descriptions likely do not exceed the PG13 rating. Also, do not take this to mean that these areas of content are the sole focus of the books. Many instances are merely implied, not described, and some of them you'll barely notice if they are not a trigger for you.

These ratings are based on a balance between frequency that it occurs within the book, and the risk of it upsetting you if that is one of your triggers.

SC, D, V, AA, DV, DA

SA, SC, DC, D, V, AA, DV

SA, SC, DC, D, V, AA, MI, SH


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