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What Clients say

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Good insight. Well balanced and thoughtful recommendations.


It is a pleasure working with Rebekah. It took me a long time to find an editor that understands my needs and she is quick to point me in the right direction. She gives me. . .thorough explanations of all the changes she made and coached me to be a better writer. . . .I am very happy with the piece that we are working on and I have no doubt that it will be great. I am looking forward to work with her again on my next project.  

(Christine B.)

Outstanding service! Dedicated to delivering professional, quality work. Recommendations were invaluable for improving the manuscript.

I am very pleased. . .

(Robert S.)

Rebekah edited my work without diminishing my voice. I loved this about her. The editing was extensive and thorough.

(Lora Y.)

Rebekah was an incredible joy to work with. I felt completely safe leaving my manuscript in her hands. She was always gracious and I knew she took time to really work with my manuscript to convey what I was trying to say. She is prompt, hardworking, and provides a wonderful service with the kind of love that embodies Christ.

(McKenna V.)

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