My Favorite Things

Some things are worth sharing. When I find one of those things and I'm permitted, I'll share it here. things are wort

horizontal-URL-full-color.png is an excellent resource for Christians. They provide Biblical answers for common questions. If it isn't listed on the searchable website, you can send in an online form and you'll get a thoroughly researched Biblical answer within a few days. They have a team of volunteer writers ready to answer those questions. Hint: You know one of those writers.


Settings Christian Publishing, LLC is my publishing company, which holds a vision of seeing far more truth in Christian Literature. Want to see this logo on the spine of your book? Settings is accepting submissions. 

bookshoplogo.jpg is my new favorite thing. They give 10% of proceeds to Indie bookstores and authors. The logo above will send you to the affiliate link for Settings Christian Publishing, LLC, and you can buy my books there. You can also search for other books, and everything you buy supports us little guys.