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how would Self-Doubt tell your story?

Excerpt from

The Foolish Things

Chapter Five: The Hippie's Snow-Globe

Let me pause to remind you that our heroine in this story is the large and depressed Sharon Mehlmann. But in the era we met her, as you’ve gathered by now, Sharon was largely incapable of heroics, and also had nothing and no one to rescue. Her teaspoon miracle was still being measured out. Adventures of all sorts happened all around her, though she was often excluded, as we’ve discovered. One adventure during this time was a story of its own, but I dare not digress to tell it. This is Sharon’s story. Her mundane, ordinary story still void of miracles.

I should, therefore, use our time together to focus on Sharon, as Sharon always did. We will begin again as Sharon removed her hearing aids and I whispered her sweet nothings as she dozed off.

Nothing. You are nothing…

And yet. How can I teach you about the foolish weaknesses of humankind without the type of adventure you’d be missing if we stayed with Sharon? And is any story complete if not intertwined with another? Do you promise not to tell her if we stray for a time? We must keep her in the cold darkness of nothing while I bring you to an adventure that will cross Sharon’s path many times. We will check on her from time to time, that you might be brought to Sharon’s same desperation for such an adventure of her own. For now, let’s digress.

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