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Meet Rebekah

Meet the Author

photo of mixed race woman in gray sweater near trees

Rebekah Tyne McKamie is an unholy sinner whose richest gain is but a loss compared to her inheritance in Jesus Christ. 

Apart from that, Mrs. McKamie is a worshipper, writer, and book editor. She holds a Master of Arts in Composition (& Rhetoric) from Liberty University.

Rebekah is also a homeschool mom of three and is still madly in love with her high school sweetheart, who also happens to be her husband of seventeen years and the assistant pastor at their church. They live on five acres in eastern Colorado with dozens of animals. 


She is a lover of organic food, vibrant colors, good movies, fabulous earrings, loud music, dusty old hymns, and every person she's ever met. But the thing Rebekah claims with the most passion is this: she is saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and will fight (and write) for you to experience the same.

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