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"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold

in Settings of silver."

Proverbs 25:11

As an editor, I crave excellence, eloquence, and biblical accuracy, and I will challenge anyone to pursue the same. But I also have the creative soul of a writer, so I am more than just the wielder of a harsh red pen. I am a patient writing coach with a deep respect for your voice, dialect, and style. My editing skills and philosophies have the backing of a Master of Arts in Composition & Rhetoric (Graduate with High Distinction) from Liberty University. To date, I have helped refine dozens of books, sermon notes, and other Christian faith-based materials.


You may ask me to evaluate any book you would like to publish within the Christian space, but I specialize in developmental and sentence-level editing for:

  • Nonfiction (Christian living, devotionals, Bible studies, academic works, etc.)

  • Creative nonfiction (poetry, memoir, etc.)

The Theology Check: Sound theology is paramount in any work that will be labeled as "Christian." A mechanical or structural error is annoying, so part of my job is to eliminate those. The greater calling, however, is to eliminate errors that could have eternal consequences. A theological error or unintentional mishandling of the Word can cause someone to stumble, stray, or reject God. Scripture can often be interpreted differently, and that is often the basis for writing a Christian work! Therefore, I give quite a lot of leeway provided a work can substantiate claims with proper exegesis. But I do not tolerate, and will not edit, works that will perpetuate false teachings, however popular they have become within the culture. I will, however, help any work remain biblically sound, even if the idea is new to many Christians.


Before you request my services, I ask that you review my Statement of Faith for anything that may contradict your work. I have also added a couple of questions in the initial questionnaire that help determine if we would be a good fit.


On Proofreading: Proofreading is not the same thing as editing. A proofread can only be performed properly after all editing and often formatting are complete. It is a final check before publication, and is best done by a fresh set of eyes that has never seen the manuscript. My husband (RJ) has been my dedicated, detail-oriented proofreader for many years and now offers this service to my editing clients. He is also a pastor and often assists with the theology check.

Editing Rates

Manuscript Evaluation: $250

Further editing requires a manuscript evaluation, which also provides valuable information that can help you refine your project. The evaluation covers areas of excellence, opportunities for growth, a theology check, and editing recommendations.

Developmental/Substantive Editing:

First round: $0.04 per word

Subsequent rounds: $0.03 per word

Sentence Level Editing:

Line Editing: $0.03 per word

Copyediting: $0.02 per word

Copy/Line Editing: $0.035 per word

The Details:

Proofreading: $0.015 per word

Interior Book Design: $0.015 per word

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